Insanity Day 3

Just came back from a lovely meal out with my bestie at Pizza Hut

Haven’t had a pizza in a while so tuscani prosciutto and rocket pizza definitely hit the spot..and the whole thing only had 665 calories and 30 grams of protein ( I am trying to concentrate on positives and ignore fat and carb content 😉 ). I also spread out my food smartly throughout the day so that Pizza Hut was within my calorie daily limit and I clocked in 2059 calories for the day. I truly believe in clean eating but we all need a treat once in a while as long as we can balance it out somehow.

So I squeezed in day 3 of Insanity before Pizza Hut ( it was Cardio Power and Resistance). It burned less calories than 2 previous days but included more strenght training and I was dead pleased with myself that I managed to do 16 full pushups in a row ( as I am a bit of upper body weakling).  I’m loving this dvd set so far and definitely feel pushed by Shaun T. It also helps me to concentrate more of better fuelling my body which I feel is at least 70% of getting a great looking lean figure.

In other very exciting news, this baby arrived today. I haven’t had  a chance to properly look at it but I think it should help lots with portion control. I do not intend to weigh every single item I eat but I figured it could be useful from time to time..especially when I’m baking…plus I am attracted to pretty shiny things..and this fits the bill perfectly so there you go.

Time to start fixing me food for tomorrow 🙂