Hard to say goodbye…

So..it is with great sadness that I announce that me and Shaun T are no more…this is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted since Sunday as I battled with myself whether to continue or stop doing insanity DVDs. I truly think they are a great exercise programme but they don’t help my knees at all. I love exercising and for past few days I was dreading doing my DVDs as I knew I’d need to sub some of the exercises and that my knees’d hurt after. Also, instead of burning over 400 calories per session I was only averaging 300 due to needing to slow down as my knees were so bad.

I am very much a perfectionist and hate giving up so it took me some time to reach my decision. In the end Insanity was hurting my body and hurting me emotionally making me feel bad about myself. I still hope to use recovery and cardio abs dvds as there is no high impact moves in those. My eating has been horrendous as well (4 tubs of haagen danz ice cream) so I had a long and hard think about my exercise routine and decided to switch things up. I will post the plan when I double check I haven’t double booked anything lol.

I will still be throwing in the odd dvd workout alongside gym to confuse my muscles and my selections will include Jillian Micheals 30 day shred, no more touble zones, Turbo fire or hip hop abs.

Some food pics from last couple of days:

gherkin soup with 1 potato and chicken breast

Fat free organic vanilla yoghurt (which wasn’t really anything to shout about )

noodles, cooked sauerkraut and German sausage

satsuma and nectarine

Lush green tea (and a bargain at 19p for 10 teabags!!!)

Scrambled eggs with turkey ham, cherry tomatoes and 2 crumpets



I am officially no longer a student and it feels very weird..I haven’t posted in a couple of days as things happening got me down..fridge freezer breaking down, date being cancelled, my posters for masters being crap, tough time at work, my knees being really painful and so on and on…

On the plus side I kept up with almost all my workouts..this will sound silly but I was proud of myself for not doing the insanity dvd on Tuesday morning..I got up early to do it before work but my legs hurt during warm up so after agonising my decision for 5 mins I went back to bed. I am a perfectionist and enjoy planning so when I need to changes my plans I am not a happy bunny. I did go to the gym after work but just did  a light sesh for the upper body. I am so glad I did because on Wednesday I felt so much better and refreshed and really looked forward to another 40 mins ith Shaun T.

No food pictures as it didn’t look very appetising due to the fridge freezer problem

Fab weekend

Hiya..hope everyone had as fab of a weekend as me 🙂

I worked all day on Saturday but didn’t find it too bad as it took my mind off my MSc as well as given me a much needed rest day from gym. My eats included portable breakfast (special K, defrosted fruit and strawberry flavoured milk):

wholewheat pasta with homemade bolognaise sauce with extra sweetcorn and sprrinkling onf cheese.

To keep munchies away I had greek yoghurt with cantaloupe melon, omega sprinkle and cinammon.

Tea was a bit random with crackers, light cheese triangles, tomatoes, radish and cucumber slices:

I was a good girl and had my protein shake after tea as well to stop me from stuffing my face anymore 😉

As I was working Sat I did BodyCombat and BodyPump on Sunday and afterwards hit the shops with my best friend to find shoes and a handbag to go with my black/purple dress for hen do happening this Sat

We may have also stopped at Costa which resulted in me getting the cutest lemon cupcake ever and blackcurrant tea.

I also did my usual insanity and realised that Monday will mark 2 weeks of me following the programme aka time for another fitness test so hope I actually managed to improve :0

Dissertation monster handed it

So I survived hand in of my dissertation though it was touch and go because my page numbers got mixed up and images wouldn’t print ..basically anything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong…so now hopefully I will pass coz I’d hate to have to rewrite it again.

I am so looking forward to going to library and picking a book to read for pleasure..Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell have new books out so will try to track them down yay 🙂

After all the stress with my dissertation I was aching to hit the gym after work..lovely 45 mins sessions including lots of cable work, pushups, planks and cross trainer..then at home Pure Cardio as part of my Insanity schedule. Again I had to take the impact out of the couple of exercises as my knees still not cooperating and I am patiently waiting to get my knee support sleeves. I am also so glad I went for a quick swim in the morning as it definitely helped me not to lose my cool when I was hitting obstacle after obstacle when trying to submit my project.

My breakfast

Lunch had to be wolfed down so didn’t get a chance to take a pic but consisted of buckwheat, homemade turkey burger, rash of bacon and carrots and onions.

Before hitting the gym I munched on

Cantaloupe melon, cinammon and two squirts of low fat cream

I also had 2 protein shakes throughout the day (banana and melon)

As I was famished between the workouts I had a toasted bagel with 2 light cheese triangles and 2 cherry tomatoes

The end is in sight…

So not many pics of the food coz been crazy busy..but managed to tick pretty much all the things from my to do list for today:

haircut done

And that’s how it held after gym workout

meeting with dissertation tutor attended

knee support sleeves ordered

Insanity and gym sesh done

myself treated with unhealthy tea (it was nice but I also realised I was no longer craving chips and I stopped the lady adding any extra chips to my portion so was extra proud of myself here) fishcake, chips and a massive gherkin

Other eats of the day included fruit & bran, half a banana with banana flavoured milk, Morrisons chicken tagliatelle and 2 protein shakes.

On the topic of my knees, they seem to be the same today..I had to take the impact out out of some insanity exercises as I could feel some pain, equally I adapted my workout and did not do plyo bosu lunges with powerplate nor jumping squats on it. I’m hoping if I treat my knees well for next couple of days they will start liking me again and play nice with plyometrics.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to have a nice dinner tonight, but I was promised this would be made up to me next Wednesday so we shall go and see. Tomorrow looks like it’s gonna be filled with dissertation work oh joy but at least my supervisor didn’t say it was all a pile of pooh so am content. Catching an early zzzz to be all ready for SPSS fun in the morning ohh yeah baby

Roll on next Tuesday…

I finished and emailed my supervisor the final draft of my dissertation..at 3.35am this morning none the less and THEN decided it was still a good idea to drag myself out of bed at 6.35 am so i could do my usual 40 lengths at 7 am..even I know I may be tad obsessed with exercise…

In the end I was glad I went as it did help with relieving knee pains but tomorrow, right after hairdressers appointment I’m getting some decent knee support sleeves. I knew I’d need to get some sooner or later seeing as 10 years of professional figure skating didn’t exactly do wonders for my knees nor my back. I think it’s the addition of insanity which includes lots of plyometrics moves is what finally peeved my knees off royally.

So tomorrow is looking insanely busy with insanity in the morning, hairdressers, getting knee supports, meeting with my supervisor, quick gym workout and hopefully a nice evening with a friend?

Before I showcase my not so impressive Tuesday food I gotta share my massive achievement. For the first time in a long time I burnt over 1200 calories in one day (thanks to combo of insanity, bodycombat and bodypump). Even more surprisingly, I was not even that tired so I think I will stick with that great trio for Mondays 🙂

Now onto my food: breakfast was eaten at the gym alas no pictures but consisted of raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants, strawberries, red berry Special K, toasted almonds and strawberry flavoured milk.

To tide me over till lunch I had a protein shake

Lunch consisted of sweet baked potato, fishfingers on mountains of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower

Followed by fruit salad (honeydew melon, blueberries, peach and kiwi)

I also had a bag of lemon Special K nibbles and for tea I had scrambled eggs and two toast (no pics sorry) and when I still felt hungry I had another one of those beauties

I am not ashamed to admit that Cheerios is like crack to me and can eat it at any time and in any form 🙂

No rest for the wicked…

So..was so insanely busy I never got a chance to post anything yesterday. I’m really hoping things will come down a lot after next Tuesday when my masters is going to be officially done and dusted.

Having said that, application forms for clinical psychology doctorate come out on 1.09.10 AND I really need to get my butt into gear and start the process of applying for British citizenship, which means needing to learn the answers to the knowledge test by heart coz I’m a stinking perfectionist.

But at least I’ve got something to look forward to on Wednesday..not sure how much of my private life I should be airing online just yet so will leave it at that for the time being.

Exercise wise today felt weird as it is my rest day and I know it’s vital and I know it’s needed but I feel bad for being a lazy ass and not doing anything…yesterday’s Insanity was a repeat of day 1 plyometric cardio circuit and I still needed to take a few extra breaks but my form is improving. I also redid cardio recovery day even though it wasn’t scheduled for Sat as I felt my hamstrings needed some TLC before plyo workout.

My eats over the weekend aren’t usually very exciting but here are a few pictures..

Breakfast- blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries with red berry special K with toasted almonds and strawberry flavoured milk

Had 2 peanut butter slicer on multigrain bread throughout the day

My lunch was the highlight of the day..lean BLT open sandwiches

Later on I had another sugar free orange jelly with grapes and blueberries

I also had 4 nectarines and a small bag of popcorn to tide me over. I don;t usually have so much bread in one day but it was simply delicious and I am trying to go with the whole food has got no moral value line of thinking so baby steps here 🙂

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