Shaun T kicked my butt good

So…not really sure how I should start my first proper blog entry but here it goes…

I’m experimenting with my diet and at the moment trying to sorta ignore hunger my sugar levels tend to go up and down randomly (ok I know it’s not random it’s mostly due to some not so health conscious food choices) I am now trying to eat regularly. This for me involves a substantial breakfast, snack around 10.30 am ish, lunch and fruit for dessert at 12, another snack at 2-2.30pm ish and dinner at 4-5pm. After that time I am tying not to consume too many carbs as I usually hit the gym/ do my exercise DVD after tea. Usually a protein shake, sugar free jelly or some fruit keeps me happy. Will try this for a couple of weeks to see how my energy levels fare and how it affects my workouts.

Work was good today and the morning sweet and a nice chat before it was even better, but I was itching to get home after 4.30 lol

That would be because today I did day 2 of Insanity (plyometric cardio circuit) and can already see I will love the programme. In under 40 mins I burned over 400 calories with not being accustomed to the exercises and therefore taking a bit longer to get the form right. Shaun kept my heart rate with average of 155 and max of 183 so sorta now get what he meant by max interval training. It does help to have a bit of eye candy (Shaun’s abs) to keep me motivated as well. Definitely glad I only did a light swimming session this morning as was sweating buckets during Insanity, but as they say no pain no gain. Afterwards rewarded myself with a banana protein shake and a sugarfree orange jelly with grapes and a few blueberries.

I definitely want to be adding pics of what I eat but I need to sort out my camera and find a place to upload the pics first. Overall today clocked in 1879 calories with 27% fat, 44% carbs and 29% protein. Still trying to work out how many calories I should be aiming for and what split to go for…got told by a personal trainer of my friend that I should aim for 60 grams of carbs a day if I want a flat stomach but that just sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay too low for the amount of exercise I am doing so need to research a bit more me thinks.