No More Trouble Zones Review


Apologies for this post appearing on Mon and not Sun I was away for the weekend and auto schedyled it but picked the wrong date doh 🙂

So today I want to give you an overview of Jillian Michaels No more Trouble Zones Dvd. It’s not one of the newest ones (released in 2009 if memory serves me right) but it still gives you plenty of  a good workout.

According to Amazon this DVD is :

” Get into the zone with TV’s kick-butt trainer, Jillian Michaels, and tackle stubborn problem areas with her surefire circuit training formula that combines upper- and lower-body sculpting moves to obliterate fat even faster. Say goodbye to saddlebags, muffin tops and wobbly arms with this heart-pounding, 40-minute circuit workout that targets trouble zones like never before. By keeping you constantly challenged, Jillian will transform your body from flab to firm in no time! Warm up and cool down before and after this grueling workout.”

Unlike her most other DVDs there are no different levels per say as it’s just one workout, but that by no means makes it easy and you could still progress by increasing the weights, speed of movement etc. There are 6 different circuits (about 7 mins long each) where you do 5 different exercises per circuit for 30 seconds. These include compind movements and core exercises. Unlike other DVDs of Jillian there is no cardio portion per say though your heart rate will be elevated with all the strenght training.

Good points:

  • It’s Jillian Michaels so as always very motivationg, clear instructions
  • You don’t need tonns of equipment you can make do with a fitness mat (or a blanket if you don’t have one) and some weights (or big bottle of waters, books etc for resistance)
  • Every part of the body is covered during the 40 mins
  • There are modifications available if you have problems with any of the moves
  • Whole thing (including warm up and cool down) won’t take you over 50 mins mark
  • if you have done any of Jillian’s DVDs before some of the moves will be familiar and the circuit format will be familiar too to some degree
  • You only do each more for 30 secs and who can’t cope with whateer for 30 secs right?

Not so good points:

  • The moves may be too familiar for some
  • It’s slightly longer than levels of her other DVDs (but sooo worth it)
  • Some may not appreciate Jillian’s motivational  style

In conclusion I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who likes to get their butt kicked by Jillian. It does make  a nice change from 30 Day Shred and othere multilevel workouts on offer and will leave you with a lovely feeling of good pain in your body.

Have you tried No more trouble zones before?


Weekly feature: In my DVD collection Turbofire


My exercise is still on track and I am getting excited for my evening yoga class so I thought I’d try something different for a change. I have stacks and stacks on fitness DVDs so I’m gonna start a weekly feature looking at more detail into every single one of them so that people get a better feel for them before spending their hard earned money lol

First up Turbofire by Chalene Johnson:

When I got it over a year ago it was not available in the UK but now beachbody is starting to become better know in the UK and they are selling some of their programmes online. I appreciate that £99 is a steep price but you do get a lot of resources to keep you on track.

Taken from the website:

TurboFire® is the intense new cardio conditioning programme

from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson. She’ll help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more fat than regular cardio does. And with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes, TurboFire will pick you up and push you past your limits.

Chalene’s New to Class option also gives you the breakdown on how to do each move with the right form.

So forget the excuses. Forget the gym. Now the hottest classes in Southern California come to you.

You get 11 different DVDs covering 12 workouts of varying lenghts:

  • Get Fired Up – Chalene guides you through the program to help you get the best results.
  • Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Throw smoking-hot hooks and make big leaps to the bass of “Give Up the Funk.”
  • HIIT 15 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Dial it up for your first High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class.
  • Fire 55 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class – Don’t let EZ fool you, because you’ll be sweating to “Dazzey Dukes.”
  • Core 20 Class/Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Chalene’s most popular class targets your tummy with moves that deliver incredible abs.
  • Fire 45 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Kick, dance, and punch your way into shape to the beat of “Wiggle It.”
  • HIIT 20 Class/Stretch 10 Class – “Turn This Mutha Out” with 7 sizzling fire drills in 20 minutes.
  • Fire 45 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class – Take a break from the fire drills, but not the fire, as you sweat to “In the Ayer.”
  • HIIT 25 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Here are 25 minutes of your most intense fire drills yet with Chalene.
  • Sculpt 30 Class/Tone 30 Class – Develop shapely muscles with Chalene’s challenging resistance classes.
  • Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class – Increase your flexibility and lengthen your muscles for a long, lean look.

Besides the workout DVDs you also get a lovely looking and very informative Fuel the Fire nutritional guide with tasty recipes ( thought for myself I found them to be erring on the side of people wanting to lose a decent chunk of weight hence I had to add more calories in for myself than prescribed in the programme). You also get The TurboFire 5-Day Inferno Plan to kick start your weight loss that claims you can lose up to 10 pounds in 5 days (but I gotta be honest with you and say I have not tried it but I do not have any reasons to think that the anticipated results would be exaggerated knowing Chalene lol).

You also get Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide to give you more behind the scenes info of why this programme will work (being a fitness geek that made me very happy as I like to know the theory behind things) and a nice big TurboFire Class Schedule so that you know exactly what DVD you are mean to be doing each day (I think it can work as a great motivational tool not to skip any workouts if it’s displayed prominently somewhere). To help with the workouts themselves there;s  a sculpting band and a lower body band included. Beachbody even throws in a tape measure so you can see your own progress ( so it’s not just all about how much weight you lose, which I think is fab).

Looking at beachbody website they are actually offering 90 day money back guarantee which can never be a bad thing.

So now onto the workouts themselves:

*Disclaimer: I haven’t actually done all the DVDs in the prescribed order and everyone has different needs and preferences so take what I say with a pinch of salt, ok?*

What I liked:

  • Music: It’s funky, it’s upbeat, it’s contemporary and it’s infecious. It definitely made me want to put the DVDs on and it makes the time fly by
  • The moves: I have done LesMills BodyCombat before and I used to do Thai boxing on a weekly basis so martial arts types of moves are down with me a lot. I enjoy imagining I’m kicking the crap out of someone,ok? 😉 If that’s your thing you’re not going to be disappointed by Chalene. There also some other more aerobic based moves so everyone will find something for themselves (hopefully)
  • Instructors: Chalene Johnson has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and it shows!! In the most positive way ever – It’s not her first ever programme, her cues are spot on and she has such a positive energising personality you will be giving it your all even at the last DVD drill. There are also two more ladies one diung lower impact version so you don;t have to miss out on the fun if you need to modify due to knee/back etc problems
  • Variety: some other programmes I have done you do the same workouts for a number of days (hello Jillia Michaels). There is nothing wrong with that but Turbofire keeps it fresh and maybe a tiny bit less boring by switching things up a lot more often.
  • Stretching: I like the bigger focus on stretching as often on other fitness DVDs warm up and cool down take all of 2 mins (and yeah you may be told to stretch some more but let’s be honest here who will? ). By including it within the programme once I’m done with the DVD I am done with the workout too.


What’s not so great:

  • Price: Already said it, compared to stand alone DVDs it is a big initial outlay, but you get variety for that price
  • Workouts: I do lvoe them BUT even with new to class feature (that shows you the moves slowly so you can get a hang of them) I still at times have no idea what’s going on. And this is coming from someone who has done over 10 years of figure skating and can follow routines for BodyCombat, BodyBalance or yoga fairly easily. Not that I let this put me off, if I get confused I stick with a combo I know till we move onto the next part
  • Need for room: It may sound fairly obvious but still you need a decent amount of space to be able to do the DVDs when we were away last year I found that the room itself was too small for me to be doing kicks without knocking something down.


All in all Turbofire is really good and I do fully intend to do the full 90 days following the schedule properly as soon as I’m cleared by my physiotherapist to do so. I follow Chalene on twitter for extra motivation too 🙂


What’s your favourite fitness DVD?