First time back in the gym in over 2 months


So I have  done it  I unfrozen my membership at Pure gym yesterday  morning , packed my gym bag and carefully  chosen my outfit to face a new kind  of challenge. I`ve got to say I sorta  dreaded my return  to the fitness  fold , mostly  coz I lost a lot of my strength  and endurance (I know it’s  perfectly  normal and to be expected but it didn’t  stop me hating  it any less) in the process  of sorting my muscle imbalances / back problem. At the gym end  of a day not moving  much for over months two months  is going  to have  an impact on my fitness  levels.

I am still only allowed to do max 30mins of exercise apart from my 30 mins of physio exercises a day so I told myself to be good and stick to 30 min maximum. I ended up doing a quick warm up, followed by 15 mins of cardio on elleptical (levels 3 and 4 at incline 10) and a mix of TRX exercises (mountain climbers, reverse row, pushups), knee ups on Smith machine and some stability ball rollouts. Stretched for a couple of minutes and called it a day.

Here’s my feedback:
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I can sya I survived and felt better for it. No one stared at me, laughed at me for needing to take more frequent breaks so I’m hoping my fear of returning to gym is gone now. I’m booked in for  a yoga session tonight as well ( it is 60mins but I figured it’s slow yoga so not that much of an exercisey activity so should be ok with that, right?)

Been tinkering with my new phone and apps for photo editing so without any further ado here we go:

Breakfast (courtasy of Kristi’s recipe idea)
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Tiny cute egg muffins with ham and onion plus a salad

Followed by mid morning snack of banana muffin (courtasy of Deb’s recipe)

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Followed by lunch:
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with chicken pieces lovingly cooked by Mr A

Now probably gonna have a little something before yoga.

What’s yout favourite snack?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tamzin
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 21:50:45

    Yay to you indeed sounds like a fab workout to me : )


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