Changes within changes



been a crazy busy day but work has been fab lately so it flew by.


I gotta share my haoul from Holland&Barrett outlet store near me that I discovered over the weekend:


Total damage done £44.75 for all the goodness (will share a pic and full recap when I get the camera back from work oops)

This is my new phone background


that goes ever so nice with my new shiny Samsung Galaxy S2


I have been dying to get a more up to date phone so that I could take pictures on the go and be able to keep up with all the blogs, twitter etc when out and about. It is a completely brand new wrold for me as believe it or not up until today I have never accessed internet on my phone or downloaded anything onto it.


I spent most of the evening trying to figure out the phone and looking for some cool free apps as well as organising my gym bag as I’m going to the gym tomorrow evening for the first time in over 2 months!!!


I am in equal parts excited and scared that I will not look ”cool” having lost pretty much all of my strenght and endurance


What apps can’t you live without?


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