Valentine’s Day Bitter Sweet Moments

So yesterday was Valentines Day and for the 1st time in 3 years I actually had someone to spend it with. So there were good and bad bits of the day.


Starting with the good Mister A got me lush flowers and a card


and then we went to a posh steak house where I was treated to a lovely well done steak, with jacket potato, roasted vine tomatoes and beans (after sending it back as there were peas which I absolutely detest on it and the waitress did not mention it to me at the time of ordering.


We also had a naughty starter of potato skins with cheese and bacon


(hello carb coma but it was a treat). I really enjoyed the meal (and the company) but it started to turn into the not so great night when I had  a look at the dessert menu. All I wanted was the death by chocolate sundae (consisting of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate shaving, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes).

The tiny bit of the problem with this dessert is

a)I’m wheat intolerant

b) I’m allergic to cocoa beans

c) last time I did have it against my better sense I was doubled in pain for hours

so really I knew logically  I should not be having or even think about having it. That however did not stop me from being miserable and pouting like a 5 year old. Good thing that Mr A has got 3 kids as he handled it very well leaving the final decision to me. In the end we went home sans any desserts. I knew I could have had some ice cream but all I wanted was Death by chocolate (which in my case could  have been quite literal 😉 ).

I haven’t felt so bad about not being able to have something I wanted in a long time. I think I just wanted to fit it and not be ‘the awkward one’ when eating out. I am aware that of course I can bake myself some goodies but I wanted something cakey right there and then and I couldn’t have it. Also, UK is still far behind US when it comes to having gluten free bakeries etc (or at least they are nowhere to be found in the Midlands). I thought it was such a shame that I spoilt a lovely evening with my sulking (albeit only temporarily) but it honestly felt like my life depended on eating that dessert and that I was somehow missing out on the ‘normal dining experience’.

The silver lining of this is that Mr A is off this weekend and promised to try to make my some ‘chocolate brownies’ using gluten free flour and carob powder so we shall see how this turns out. And now I know to try to keep something in the freezer for the times when I become completely consumed by the idea of having something really really bad for me.

Question time: What are you allergic to/intolerant to food wise?


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