My weight loss story

So it seems to be the ‘it’ thing on the blogs so I thought I’d follow suit and write down how I mnaged to lose almost stone and a half (17 pounds) in 3 months or so. Before I go any further I appreciate this may be triggering for someone for ED so proceed with caution. I also wanted to aknowledge that I do realise I was never ‘obese’ and my BMI was never over 25 but I was simply not happy with how I looked and decided to change it.

It was May 2009, I was 23, doing full time masters and holding down full time and a part time job. I was working shifts in the community so always on the run, some days I was out from 6am till midnight so healthy eating, never mind exercise was rather tricky. I was at my heaviest at 10 stone 2 (142 pounds) at 5f 7 (173cm) and got really fed up of it. Some pics for comparison purposes


I have been passing a ladies only gym on my way into town daily and finally plucked up the courage to go in one Saturday afternoon. The gym offered a quick 30 mins workout compromising of doing 10 different stations (8 machine and 2 free weights stations) for 3 mins each 4 times a week. Seeing as up until this point I was only swimming at uni my weight started to fall off speedily but completely stalled at 9stone 2.

Sround the same time I moved to my current office based job and with working 9-4.30pm joining a ‘normal gym’ was a possibility. After doing my research I joined Esporta and stayed there until it wasclosed down and replaced by M club gym in September 2010. I threw myself into doing at least 5-6 classes every week (Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance, Yoga you name it), swimming at least 2 a week and doing at least 10 hours of solid gym workouts. My weight dropped to 8 stone 8 and even I could see I was starting to look ill, not to mention I was constantly getting injured ( plus there was this one time I fainted on the gym floor after doing a Body Combat class and trying to do a strenght training workout straight after).

It was when I was at Esporta that I realised exercising alone won’t make me as healthy as I would like to be and that better eating habits would need to follow (this may be a topic for another post in itself really) but at the moment I am trying to eat protein rich diet and avoid carbs in the evening with plenty of fresh veg and fruit. I am not vegetarian/ vegan but try to have at least 2 days per week without meat, I don’t consume wheat, don’t eat too much diary and try to get the least processed foods that my budget will allow for.

At present moment I am with puregym though due to back problems my exercise regime consists mostly of physio exercises. I now fluctuate between 8 stone 9 and 8 stone 12 and I am a lot happier with my body. My body fat stands at ok 20% (got it checked out for free during B-fit expo) and this is definitely something I will want to address when I can get back to normal exercising.

Here’s some pics for comparison:


So are you happy with your body now?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sweetly Fit
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 02:44:31

    You look GREAT!!! Strong, healthy, and beautiful. ❤


  2. Tamzin
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 16:12:40

    You look amazing!! Well done you x x


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