Last Friday Night..and Saturday day

Thank god it’s the weekend…loved the lie in this morning and the only reason why I left my bed today was to go into town and pick up some chicken from the market- that’s dedication, no?

All in all it’s been a good day, physio exercises done, couple buttons sewed back on and reebok order recieved. I ordered 3 gorgeous top but unfortunately ony 1 fits me properly and they sold out in the 1 size up so boo…The annoying this is the other 2 tops would have been fine if it wasn’t for my boobs. Apparently there is an expectation to be flat chested when you are size 4/6 (us 0/2) and I am certainly not so as much as I loved those 2 tops I looked like I was bandaged into them and they were squishing my ladyfriends.

I have taken plenty of pics and was excited to get them uploaded…

1 tiny little problem though for the god of me I can not remember where I put the usb cable for my camera so they will have to wait. Mr A just got back from work and found the damn thing in 10 secs flat

Which is a shame coz yesterday me and Mr A have used our brand new pizza stones for the first time ( we may need to tweak the recipe a bit namely Mr A better remember to use normal rather than self raising gluten free flour next time haha) and it looked great but didn’t quite taste right if you know what I mean?

Mine Lacto free cheese, homemade tomato saouce, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese and rocket

and Mr A’s tomato sauce, normal cheese, mozarella and tomatoes


While Mr A prepped these beauties ( I did my bit by providing him with the link to the recipe 😉 ) I cooked some beans for future lunches/dinners. Ended up with 9 portions of  red kidney beans, butter beans and black eyed beans.


I think now it may be time for another cup of green tea with lemon and catching up with Greys Anatomy and Private Practice?

What are your favourite shows?


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