Lowdown on physiotherapy

So I thought it may be good to write down what’s going on with my back..if for nothing else than for me to be able to take a look at it when I’m feeling particularly bad about no proper exercise in my life.

I have been getting injured quite consistently over the last 2 years or so oafter I got back to exercise. Exclusively lower body (calf strain, pulled hamstring, really tight hip flexors and IT band you name it). I have been getting sports massage evey 2 weeks and eventually evey month just to keep me moving.

But deep down I knew it wasn’t working and was actually quite relieved when my sports therapist suggested a consultation with a physiotherapist who also worked at the clinic. Don’t get me wrong I have previously seen physios when I was skating (long story for another time in a nutshell I was a professional figure skater from the age of 4 to 14) and they couldn’t do all that much for me.

To my surprise though, this physiotherapist was different though. After just looking at my posture he could tell I have either done ballet, gymnastics or figure skating for an extended period of time. It transpired that it was my skating that was responsible for all my recent injuries. Due to the elongated silhouette that is so desired in those sports my spine was permanently 20 degrees out meaning  every time I did lunges or any other exercise my back would collapse on itself. Normally your glutes do about 60-80% of all the work and in my case my hamstrings were doing the 80% hence all the injuries.

I have been working with the physiotherapist for over 8 weeks now trying to address this imbalance. Progress is slow and I am normally cursing physio exercises but I am slowly getting better and I need to trust once this is addressed properly I will be able to see real progress.


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