Recap of B-fit expo in Excel London 29.01.2012

So last May I had a great pleasure of attending BodyPower 2011 so when I heard same organisers were doing a sister show to it geared more towards women I was over the moon. I dragged one of my friends with me and went to conquer London underground system lol

All in all it was a good expo though it was nowhere near as busy as BodyPower. For myself , it concentarted a bit too much of holistic thera[ies/cosmetics rather than exercise but it sure had plenty of highlights nonetheless.

The beauty of the show was that I got to speak to some big names (in my opinion that is) for quite a bit as I don’t think many people recognised them at all. Shameless picture plug now :

First up me and Ramona Braganza (personal trainer to Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale etc.)

I also got the pleasure of being a guinea pig for her I can now say I’ve been trained by Ramona (even if it was just for 2 minutes)

I also got the pleasure of chatting to Carly Thornton who is a legend in her own right (Geek moment-she also posted our pic on her Facebook wall_ I have made it now guys ūüėČ )

and lastly I got to pester Caroline Pearce (Ice from the latest Gladiators) about nutritional advice after her presentation. She was uber sweet and so approachable!

And if you had ever been to any expo/show you know that the best bit is FREEBIES!!!!!

Take a look at my haul:

which included:

3 issues of Ultra Fit

1 issue of Top Sante

1 issue of Om Yoga

1 sample pack of chlorella

1 tshirt

1 string backpack

2 shakers

3 samples of protein powder

4 sample of protein bars

2 sample of tea

1 Ramona Braganza exercise dvd (for demonstrating on stage with her)

and plenty of discount codes and sticky notes.

I prepared well for this all day event (with all the travelling in between) with packed food

That’s brown rice pasta salad with lettuce, tomato, tomato, carrots and chicken

and here we have heavenly porridge (with protein powder, chia seeds, coconut oil and peaches mmmm) enjoyed for breakfast with a cup of green tea

All in all I enjoyed B-fit and may go again depending who is going to be there but for up to date fitness/bodybuilding info plus tonnes more freebies Bodypower still comes out on top.


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