Real life got to problems etc all sorted out eats havent been too exciting as my lunches were the same clear chicken soup with a bit of pasta, carrots and swede.

But on Sunday I got a bit more time and decided to do some cooking and freeze stuff for later use

That’s my whole haul (minus massive pot of brown rice that took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages to cook)

We have 6 bags of grated mature cheddar cheese (couldn’t  say no seeing as it cost me 19p for over 400 grams Thanks Morrisons), 6 grilled chicken breasts, 4 steamed chicken breasts, 4 portions of oatey chicken bites, 6 portions of quinoa, 12 pancakes, massive pot of chicken soup and unpictured 8 portions of brown rice. Your discerning eye may notice that I scribbled numbers on the bags: everything been preweight so it will save me the trouble in the morning or guess estimating the amount.

Here’s the recipe for oatey chicken bites:

Get a chicken breast and slice it into chunks of similar size, beat one egg in a dish and spread normal oats on a plate. Dip each chicken bite first in egg and then in oats. Put the said chicken on a griddle pan and griddle/fry for approximately 15 minutes. Check chicken is not pink inside. If you using more chicken breasts, you may need more eggs for dipping. I find it’s a nice and healthier twist on chicken nuggets and it feels/tastes different that plain boring chicken 🙂

I also had to try a couple of pancakes for ahem… quality purposes:

On Monday I had the best workout in a while an hour of bodycombat (550 calories burnt) + 1 hour of gym workout straight after (556 calories burnt). Overall I burnt over 1100 in 2 hrs, which felt amazing and was promptly announced over Facebook. Today I took it easy with 3omin morning swim (250 calories) , 30 mins HIIT Turbofire (226) and a bit of hiphop abs dvd (150).

I will definitely not be doing hiphop abs for a while coz as much as I love Shaun T  it feels way too corny and I get confused by the moves lol

Are there any DVDs that you just can’t do?


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  1. Laura@keepingslimandgettingstylish
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 08:29:07

    Love the idea for oaty chicken bites, I bet they taste good dipped in ketchup!


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