Drastic change? Not…

So no food pictures today as I had a team meeting from 9.30 till 4.30 and didn’t dare to photograph my food in front of 40 people but it was pretty boring 3 small cheese triangles, 1 ham and 1 beef plus half a tomato, lettuce, cucumber, 2 mini tomato and cheese pizzas (tiny ones made on a slice of a baguette) and a satsuma. The best thing at the buffet was lemon lipton tea.

I’m heading out to see my friend’s band play tonight which should be fun as they do Irish dancing music thingy. No gym as Saturday is my rest day (the only one in the week oops).

As for the drastic change? It didn’t happen….I tried to dye my hair..it will sound silly but I have never dyed my hair properly before and I am 24. But I don’t think you can see it much..I think I will try again tomorrow with lighter colour and keep it on for longer as I’m not happy with the results so no pics yet.

I thought I’d dye my hair to match my complexion  better  I got so fed up with being paler than death and decided to incorporate self tan and occassional spray tan into my routine. Everyone says it looks great on me and I have got to agree. You can compare for yourselves..My profile picture on the left is my pale self and the one below and in about me section is my darker self.

Any tips on how to keep my tan alive for longer? Hope you are having a fun weekend:)


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