Turbofire baby

I started off with 30 minute turbofire dvd today and really liked it although I found it a bit hard to follow some of the moves (hopefully it will get better with time). Me and Chalene gonna be the bestest buddies as her dvds use lots of moves from bodycombat and bodycombat is my favourite class at the moment. I burned 274 calories in 30 mins which was a decent start to new dvd programme. After work I dragged myself down to Holland & Barrett to get some wholemeal spelt flour as I seen peeps using it online and was quite shocked at the price £2.78 for 1kg bag..it better taste great. I also picked 2 Trek bars that I have seen mentioned on blogs before. I got another 50 green tea teabags for the bargainlicious price of £0.95 and then headed to the gym for my 1hr workout (447 calories burnt).

For the first time in ages it felt like a bit of a struggle and my arms wanted a rest, suppose this is coz I do loads of upper body work at the moment due to my knees being poorly. I decided not to beat myself up about another tub of haagen danz ice cream and get back on track come Saturday. I realised it is important for me to start including small treats as otherwise I just pig out big style once in a while, which makes me feel bad on so many levels.


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  1. Laura@keepingslimandgettingstylish
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 10:56:09

    Oh yes that Spelt flour ain’t cheap, but it is good quality and I like its sweet and slightly nutty taste. I’ll have to look out for those green tea bags, thats an excellent price x


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