Grand plans

I had such grand plans for today..Insanity dvd before work workout afters..cue 6.25 am today when I woke up extremely tired and very sore…this may have something to do with me having burned off over 900 calories yesterday by doing over 2h 20 mins of exercise..I had to talk myself into taking it easy today for the greater good.

I definitely think I need to reevaluate my workout schedule for next week coz I am putting too much strain on my legs and don’t want to have to take few weeks off due to injuries. I also need to start tracking food again me thinks

Another reason I haven’t been posting food pics since my fridge freezer broke is because I know I haven’t been eating enough, which doesn’t help when I exercise so much. Any tips of that guys?

I did take pictures of most of my food today so here they come

breakfast (cheerios, half a banana, cashew nuts, banana flavoured milk)

Snack (protein shake and 10x wholegrain crackers)

Lunch (gherkin soup with small potato and steamed chicken breast)

Fruit coctail

another snack

I won’t be posting now till Sun evening as heading to Manchester tomorrow for my friend’s hen do..Have fun 🙂


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