Gym reassessment

Hello internet peeps.

My lack of fridge freezer has still not been resolved (cheers lovely landlord) so no pics of the crappy food I had to resort to.

I really started to look forward to Thursdays as they mean Cardio recovery dvd with Shaun T alas no mad jumping about and it is quite similar to BodyBalance, which I enjoy partaking in 🙂

At my gym you can get your programme redone every 4-6 weeks so I try to do that not to hit a platoue as well as to make sure my form is still correct and mix things up. I shall post a breakdown of my new programme this weekend when I’ve got a second to actually write it down. This time it was not a complete overhaul of exercises but rather increasing weights/resistance, taking out jumping squats and dynamic bosu lunges on the power plate (knees no likey them) and adding 4 new things. I liked the guy who redid my programme BUT he thinks I ” toned up” enough whereas I’d like a bit more muscle and more defined tummy, legs and bum (who wouldn’t I guess).

Equally it got me thinking whether I really see myself completely different than everyone else does as I could swear I have a 3 month pregnant alike belly that everyone can see sticking out and I hate having my pictures taken from the side unless I’m made aware of it and tighten my ”gut”. I know I have slimmed down a bit but it’s still not there for me.

Equally at this stage I really do think my diet needs to improve to see any more body fat loss so could anyone recommend any good nutrition books (nothing too basic tho, something akin to Nancy Clark’s books would be fab)


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