I am officially no longer a student and it feels very weird..I haven’t posted in a couple of days as things happening got me down..fridge freezer breaking down, date being cancelled, my posters for masters being crap, tough time at work, my knees being really painful and so on and on…

On the plus side I kept up with almost all my workouts..this will sound silly but I was proud of myself for not doing the insanity dvd on Tuesday morning..I got up early to do it before work but my legs hurt during warm up so after agonising my decision for 5 mins I went back to bed. I am a perfectionist and enjoy planning so when I need to changes my plans I am not a happy bunny. I did go to the gym after work but just did  a light sesh for the upper body. I am so glad I did because on Wednesday I felt so much better and refreshed and really looked forward to another 40 mins ith Shaun T.

No food pictures as it didn’t look very appetising due to the fridge freezer problem


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