Fab weekend

Hiya..hope everyone had as fab of a weekend as me 🙂

I worked all day on Saturday but didn’t find it too bad as it took my mind off my MSc as well as given me a much needed rest day from gym. My eats included portable breakfast (special K, defrosted fruit and strawberry flavoured milk):

wholewheat pasta with homemade bolognaise sauce with extra sweetcorn and sprrinkling onf cheese.

To keep munchies away I had greek yoghurt with cantaloupe melon, omega sprinkle and cinammon.

Tea was a bit random with crackers, light cheese triangles, tomatoes, radish and cucumber slices:

I was a good girl and had my protein shake after tea as well to stop me from stuffing my face anymore 😉

As I was working Sat I did BodyCombat and BodyPump on Sunday and afterwards hit the shops with my best friend to find shoes and a handbag to go with my black/purple dress for hen do happening this Sat

We may have also stopped at Costa which resulted in me getting the cutest lemon cupcake ever and blackcurrant tea.

I also did my usual insanity and realised that Monday will mark 2 weeks of me following the programme aka time for another fitness test so hope I actually managed to improve :0


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