Dissertation monster handed it

So I survived hand in of my dissertation though it was touch and go because my page numbers got mixed up and images wouldn’t print ..basically anything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong…so now hopefully I will pass coz I’d hate to have to rewrite it again.

I am so looking forward to going to library and picking a book to read for pleasure..Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell have new books out so will try to track them down yay 🙂

After all the stress with my dissertation I was aching to hit the gym after work..lovely 45 mins sessions including lots of cable work, pushups, planks and cross trainer..then at home Pure Cardio as part of my Insanity schedule. Again I had to take the impact out of the couple of exercises as my knees still not cooperating and I am patiently waiting to get my knee support sleeves. I am also so glad I went for a quick swim in the morning as it definitely helped me not to lose my cool when I was hitting obstacle after obstacle when trying to submit my project.

My breakfast

Lunch had to be wolfed down so didn’t get a chance to take a pic but consisted of buckwheat, homemade turkey burger, rash of bacon and carrots and onions.

Before hitting the gym I munched on

Cantaloupe melon, cinammon and two squirts of low fat cream

I also had 2 protein shakes throughout the day (banana and melon)

As I was famished between the workouts I had a toasted bagel with 2 light cheese triangles and 2 cherry tomatoes


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