The end is in sight…

So not many pics of the food coz been crazy busy..but managed to tick pretty much all the things from my to do list for today:

haircut done

And that’s how it held after gym workout

meeting with dissertation tutor attended

knee support sleeves ordered

Insanity and gym sesh done

myself treated with unhealthy tea (it was nice but I also realised I was no longer craving chips and I stopped the lady adding any extra chips to my portion so was extra proud of myself here) fishcake, chips and a massive gherkin

Other eats of the day included fruit & bran, half a banana with banana flavoured milk, Morrisons chicken tagliatelle and 2 protein shakes.

On the topic of my knees, they seem to be the same today..I had to take the impact out out of some insanity exercises as I could feel some pain, equally I adapted my workout and did not do plyo bosu lunges with powerplate nor jumping squats on it. I’m hoping if I treat my knees well for next couple of days they will start liking me again and play nice with plyometrics.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to have a nice dinner tonight, but I was promised this would be made up to me next Wednesday so we shall go and see. Tomorrow looks like it’s gonna be filled with dissertation work oh joy but at least my supervisor didn’t say it was all a pile of pooh so am content. Catching an early zzzz to be all ready for SPSS fun in the morning ohh yeah baby


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