Thank god it’s Friday…

Before my current 9-5ish job I used to work as a support worker in the community and my shift could start at anytime from 6.45 am and finish past 11pm 20 miles from home so I still get extremely giddy on Fridays knowing I have got whole two days off in a row ( not really as I will spend the weekend slaving away at my dissertation but you get the idea). Fridays I also good as I usually finish a tad earlier (so instead of normal 4.30 we clock off at 4) and I really wanted to go to get down to the post office to pick up this…

It’s a 8GB Philips mp3 player that I got for the gym as my old cheapo one started to randomly switch itself off in the middle of my workout which was highly annoying as it’d take me out of my I spent an hour tonight playing with it and transferring songs..I am rather pleased as I got it cheaply from ebay so the bargain hunter in me rejoices 🙂

It definitely improved my mood after pretty bad start to the day..I got to gym for my morning swim to be told they had a leak and had to a) switch heating and hot water off and b) jacuzzi was not working…As I am a masochist I still did my forty lengths as the swimming pool hasnt had a chance to cool down too much but having a shower afterwards was not a pleasant experiences..I hope they will fix it over the weekend. Whenever I go swimming in the morning I take breakfast with me to have after before heading to work. I had Special K berry with almonds and strawberry flavoured milk in my easiyo container

My lunch was pretty healthy and consisted of small portion of noodles, roasted chicken sans skins, plenty of broccoli and cauliflower followed by a fruit salad

My pre workout tea was 2 hard boiled eggs and half of toasted bagel. I also had a banana protein shake and a banana protein muffin with peanut butter during the day. Did day 5 of Insanity (Pure Cardio) which was fun and it felt good to be finally getting properly into the swing of things and knowing what Shaun T meant even before he showed the exercises 🙂


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