Insanity day 4

Work today was loads of fun I am finally starting to feel like I fit in..even though my nickname in the office is ‘ice maiden’  I guess you can’t win them all…

I was shocked when I weighed a few items on my newest toy

I was both over and underestimating for simple products I use every day so that was such an eye opener..I am not saying or suggesting we should all weigh every single thing we eat but it will be invaluable with portion control for me in short term. Plus it’s shiny and pretty so it’ll look good in my kitchen 🙂

As In knew I’d be doing cardio recovery for Insanity today I nipped into gym after work for 40 mins workout..I tried not to do much leg work at all as my calves are still burning but instead concentrated on arms, abs and stretches. Which turned out to be a good idea coz even though the day is called recovery and it was definitely a lot slower than other days it was all about form and slow deep movements so am glad I didn’t do more at the gym.

As for my east for today I started with pretty standard chopped banana, cheerios, cashew nuts sprinkled with dessicated coconut in banana flavoured milk

Not pictured was also a me and milk ehh..I can NEVER EVER drink milk on its own..I need to have milkshake powders (banana or strawberry).. I blame childhood in Poland where they’d force me to have warm milk and bits of pasta (don’t ask) for breakfast in kindergarten…since then I was not able to face unflavoured milk nd this is one area when I am not willing to compromise on…if I am ever away I will take powder with me or I won’t touch cereal..In all honesty I only started having more substantial breakfast after reading a few nutrition books and Cheerios is fast becoming my crack..I’d quite happily eat it dry like crisps or with milk..or on top of jelly..or fruit..I think you get a picture 😉

Mid morning I nibbled on Special K mini lemon breaks before indulging in awesome (if I may so myself) lunch consisting on boiled new potatoes, homemade lean turkey burger and green beans

This was followed by fruit salad (honeydew melon, satsuma, peach and a plum)

Mid afternoon I had a strawberry protein shake

and before hitting the gym I had 250 grams of cottage cheese and half toasted bagel with a smudge of butter.

After my workouts I had melon protein shake and then munched on 30 grams of popcorn.

Moving onto Insanity Day 4 I really liked cardio recovery as it allowed my body an extra half day to heal and included some of the moves I know already from yoga/bodybalance (e.g. child’s pose or downward dog). However, I was slightly dissapointed as Shaun T did not take his top off, which I personally find very sexy motivating


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